A treat for feet
Lowell Conn
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BROADLOOM YOUR BABY It takes a special person to truly appreciate a custom-made premium car mat. Some people love cars. Then there are people who love the way cars look. The latter appreciates the fine, esthetic details of the interior and exterior. The former could not care less about the fabric beneath their feet -- what matters is under the hood. Perhaps both groups can learn to appreciate GG Bailey's Design Your Mat, a service that lets consumers customize their car floor, cargo and trunk mats to their exact specifications. The company Web site features a great tool to help users select options while previewing the end product before purchasing. A bevy of logos, colours and graphics will appease even the most narrow of tastes. This may not be a product that Type-A macho car buffs will dream about, but it might make an innovative and welcome gift for them nevertheless. US$70 to US$135; visit www.ggbailey.com for details.

PUSH-BUTTON FUN Blazing a trail of controversial media coverage over the past few years, Photoblocker has arrived in Canada with little but a yawn. Could it be that editors and news programmers are nervous about letting the public in on this secret weapon against toll highway robbery? An anti-flash spray, Photoblocker will render your licence plate unreadable to red light and photo radar cameras. Those inclined to subvert toll highways have been known to spray this product on their licence plates to avoid paying fees while driving through over-privatized public roadways. Tested by Denver police and featured prominently in reports by every major U.S. television network, the product is heralded by banditos everywhere for its ability to subvert the fee. That said, if you are using this to career through red lights undetected, then on the side of angels you are not. $30; visit www.photoblockercanada.com for details.

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