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Anti-flash license plate SPRAY &Anti-PhotoRadar products proven to make your license plate unreadable to red-light and photo radar cameras.


Photoblocker Canada was featured in Canada's The National Post and syndicated news papers around Canada.

June 10-17 2005. Then again on January 20 2006. New news stories in the "News Print" section.

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Photoblocker Canada:

Every day thousands of Canadian drivers have their license plates flashed by Photo Radar and Red Light cameras. Many times you don't even know you have been flashed until a few weeks later when the ticket arrives in the mail. That ticket goes to the registered owner of the vehicle!

The fine's for failure to stop at a red light at cities around Canada are:

Alberta $287.00
Regina $180.00
Ontario $190.00
Winnipeg $155.00


This results in millions of dollars in easy revenue and becoming a "cash cow" for the cities that use photo technology. You may have a chance to have your fine reduced at a first appearance hearing if offered in your area. So what can you do to avoid this happening to you? The choice now, is to be either reactive or proactive.

Photoblocker & Photostopper Spray along with The Super Protector are a proven cost effective defense for the driver/owner to FIGHT BACK and Beat Photo Radar And Red Light Cameras.

Does your employer penalize you if you receive traffic tickets? This is one way you can help protect yourself.

Photoblocker & Photostopper's special formula works by reflecting the flash back to the camera. The result is an over exposed and unreadable picture, often preventing a costly ticket... Check out MEDIA REVIEWS for more articles and descriptions.


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  • Reflects red light and photo radar flash, helping to prevent a costly ticket! Proven on speed, photo radar and red light cameras!
  • Fast spray-on formula is easy to apply.
  • Does not obstruct your license plate and is invisible to the naked eye. Only you know it is on your vehicle!
  • Makes a perfect gift for those hard to shop for! Birthdays, Fathers Day, Any Day.
  • One application of Photostopper should be good for life. It should not wash off, fade or dissolve away!

The Super Protector $39.95CDN


Beat Photo radar and redlight cameras wiht the Super Protector.

Motorcycle  plate  cover

How does the "SUPER PROTECTOR" work?

Photo-radar and photo-laser operate at known angles to the direction of traffic flow. Using a passive, state-of-the-art light-bending lens, the camera is unable to see the plate numbers, and identify your vehicle. The license plate is still completely readable from straight on.

  • Proven defense against all Photo-Radar and Photo-Laser!
  • Protect your privacy! Avoid a costly ticket!
  • Ultra-thin! Fits all license plate frames! Installs in minutes!
  • Will not yellow! Guaranteed shatterproof!
  • The all-in-one solution! Protects you from Regular, Overhead, and High angle cameras!
  • Get one now before you get a $150+ ticket in the mail!
  • Numbers are normal straight on, most people won't notice the cover!
Featured on CSI: MIAMI Season 8 Eposide 5 Darkroom
Purchase your Anti-Radar products today from Photoblocker Canada. All funds are in Canadian dollars and ARE NOT subject to tariff,customs, broker or duty fees. All items are shipped within Canada. No Customs hassles within Canada.


Warning we do not condone or encourage the use of our product to defeat toll booth cameras. Our product is not intended to make you above the law. Remember to drive safe and arrive alive.

Photoblocker/Photostopper makes a great gift for those hard to shop for. Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays, Don't want to pay for another red light or photo radar day . Any day can be a Photoblocker Day, Ease of mind if driving in traffic in an unfamiliar city for the first time, or use it on your rental car.

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Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local traffic and motor vehicle codes.

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